Thursday, August 15, 2019

Progress AUG 2019

Well, I am turning 48 in a couple of weeks. In July, I did not go to the gym at all, but I did do a pushup challenge. I did 100 pushups a day for 30 day. Some were normal pushups, some were inclined, some were on knees. I did 10 sets of 10. I did 5 sets of 20!  Everything I could to hit 100!

Feeling Good!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Shoulder Routine

My last post focused on my chest workout. My ultimate goal is to be able to hit 225 lbs on bench press by the end of September. I am trending that way and think I might be able to hit that goal, so I workout chest twice a week. On Wednesday, my focus is arms and shoulders. Here is my Shoulder workout:

 Front Cable Raise: This exercise is what I like to start with. It doesn't take a lot of weight for me to start to feel it either. That is one thing I have noticed about cable work, it does not take a lot of weight to get a good workout. Only up to about 20 lbs on this exercise. 

Arnold Dumbbell Press:  This one is new to me, and I had to be very careful picking the weight I used. If you go too heavy, it can hurt. This exercise is supposed to give you those "boulder shoulders" we all want. 30 lbs is my max on this exercise.

Face Pull: I like this one a lot, it feels like it also gives you a back workout as well. I am usually at around 50 lbs for this one.

Front and Lateral Raise: These jokers can hurt pretty easy. Seems like they both go fairly easy until I get to around 7, then I struggle. I am usually only using around 15-20 lbs.

Shrugs:  I really like this one because I want those shoulder lumps. I like to do this in between sets of other exercises. I usually a 45 lb plate in each hand.

Shoulder Press: I use a machine for this exercise. You can use dumbbells or a bar but I am not there yet, so I like the machine. I am up to 60 lbs on this one.

Rear Deltoid: This is another great machine that I like. It is mostly for  the back, but I feel like it really does work my arms, shoulders and back.

I do like this workout and would love to incorporate it more into my workout, but I have a life, and things are good.  Remember this workout comes to you from the Strong APP you can download!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

M and F Routines

Well, to my surprise, someone actually read my last post! So let's talk about routines. what do I do in the weight room? well, I reserve MWf for weights, and I try to run on the other days, casue I still love to run, it's just I am not competiting anymore. So let's look today at my chest workout.

Now I have been using the Strong app that you can get from the App store. It is free for the most part, but it does have some features you can unlock for a fee. For me, this app has helped me track progress, and also lets me know what I lifted last time, so I am not going backwards or staying at the same weight.

My MWF workouts really only focus on upper body. I let my running focus on legs and to be honest, I have never really enjoyed working legs. As long as I am not one of those guy swith the skinnu bird legs, then i am fine with this schedule.

This is my "chesticles" workout. My goal is to bench 225 lbs. Currently at 215 lbs. I love doing bench, hate doing incline, love everything else on the list. The one thing is workout added which I as not doing was the dumbbell bench press. This is the second to last thing I do and love it when the arms get shaky.

The way I do bicep curls are not just three sets of 10. I like to call it more of a pyramid type workout. It is the very 1st thing I do before heading home. It is a typical bicep curl in the way that it is alternating curls, meaning right, left and repeat.  I start with 15 lbs dumbbells, do 10 each arm and then immediately place them back and pick up the 17.5 lbs dumbbells. I do 10 each arm and then place them back and grab the 20 lb dumbbells and do 10, then go back down. Gives a great finish to a workout.

This workout works for me, it may no be for everyone!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

What I've Been Doing...

Well, I have pretty much dropped out of the triathlon world, recovered from having 3 stents placed in me to combat a 90% and a 70% blockage, and really have just been enjoying being in the weight room. I actually feel like I am stronger, fitter and in overall better shape than I have ever been, and especially at 46!

Progress AUG 2019

Well, I am turning 48 in a couple of weeks. In July, I did not go to the gym at all, but I did do a pushup challenge. I did 100 pushups a da...